Facts about 1970’s Muscle Cars

Muscle car is the term used to call different high performance cars. They are usually a two door type with large and powerful engines that is built and designed to coupe up high performance auto restoration and tough driving. They are intended for drag racing and usually owned by drivers that are into car racing. Muscle cars have a distinctive feature of a two seat car and GTs that are built for high speed driving. It was developed in 1949 and become popular in the 70’s. These cars are unrefined and big Mustangs, Road Runner, Camaro, Barracuda and more. They have got makeovers in 1972 which make them more powerful, heavier, and outfitted with more horsepower. From early sixties and mid seventies, these cars ruled and they have been used by a lot of people because of their reliability when it comes to speed and tough performance. These cars cannot be compared to the new generation’s latest model and it has been considered as classic and old school. Before purchasing muscle cars, you can get them in a very affordable rate but since they are considered as classic cars nowadays they are the type of automobiles that are too expensive especially those that are well preserved through the years.

The golden age of muscle cars only lasted for few years; no one knew that the popularity of muscle cars in those years will quickly die. The sudden death of this automobile happened in late 70’s because of reason which involves changing market, oil price, born of new automobile models and the people change of interest. That also opened up opportunities to sell used cars in Hickory. Since as days passed by the price of muscle car continuously increases so people could not afford to have plus it also requires high maintenance that cost them quite expensive; people then were looking for a more affordable automobile that leads to muscle cars being outdated. The demand for these cars deflated swiftly due to the high price increases not only for the model itself but also for the fuel and maintenance. It came to a point that muscle cars are being bought only to serve as a piece of collection not because of the reason to have it as their means of transportation and by those times people who has this type of automobile are those who can afford it.

When the sudden death of muscle cars happened, manufacturers started to slow down in producing muscle cars and the only muscle car that comes out was pony cars. Compared to the previous muscle car models ponies are less expensive and smaller. Some of them remained in the 70’s like Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Camaro and Mustang because of the demand of people who still wanted the speed of a sports car but don’t want to pay large amount of money. Nowadays, the 1970’s muscle cars are turning into remarkable restored cars. The restoration of this car proves that they didn’t die but they fade away and many people are starting to remodel muscle cars and starting to become popular again.